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Originally Posted by iAzire View Post
I need help understanding the roles of weather starters. I want to breed all four weather starters. My main issue is dealing with Speed. It is my understanding that the slower Pokemon gets the lasting weather effect. Now does this mean you want a low Speed IV? A Speed hindering nature?

I fully intend on breeding Max IV in everything but Speed. So what I need to know is the desired Speed IV, nature and any egg moves for these Pokemon. Also a desired Hidden Power unless this changes from person to person.


I guess if you have the info for Hippowdon I can breed those later.
Ninetales can always set up Sunny Day when up against opposing weather inducers. HP Ice is the preferred HP type for special attacking sets; it has no reason for using Hidden Power when it's using a defensive set.

Politoed's viable HP type is Grass. It's rather slow anyway, so there's no need for max Speed IVs here, unless you're going for Choice Scarf. The best thing to do when you're up against Sand or Hail teams is not to set Politoed as your lead when the match starts, but to only bring it in when necessary.

Tyranitar has no reason to use Hidden Power, as its movepool is very wide. It's rather slow anyway, so it can use a Sassy nature alongside Fire Blast.

HP Fire is the best option for Abomasnow. Regarding the IVs, see Politoed.