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    to answer that
    ENTAs are forceful, direct, driven, and adventurous. As an ENTA you place significant importance on your ability to solve complex, abstract challenges through analysis and mental effort. You value intellectual independence above all. You are willing to consider new information and differing points of view only when you think it strategically advantageous to do so.

    You enjoy being around people who are as highly motivated as you are, but you also like to spend time with people who recognize and need your natural leadership ability. However, you may become frustrated when people do not display a minimal amount of competence in their areas of responsibility. You enjoy a good debate or intellectual discussion, and you are often able to come up with novel solutions for complex problems. Participating in group activities does energize you, but you may contribute the most by working autonomously.

    You like to establish goals and then motivate people to work towards them with you. You believe that power is earned through superior leadership and competence. You like to work as part of a group with people you identify as experts in their respective fields. You always think of ways to improve things, people, processes, and outcomes. You pursue new ideas with great enthusiasm. However, you are easily bored once the idea is in place and the job becomes one of administration only or involves mundane tasks. You always have a new thought on the subject at hand and a willingness to tell others what it is. This sometimes manifests itself as a tendency to change your mind repeatedly, sometimes to a fault.

    You are at your best when you are able to think out loud. You are a broadly curious, innovative, autonomous thinker and an energetic, enterprising, and voracious learner. You enjoy fitting broadly defined ideas into larger patterns and theories. You do not like to conform to society's norms but may emphasize the importance of doing so to others, especially as a means of realizing your own goals and ambitions.
    ENTAs are most often found in career fields that are adventurous and intellectual. As an ENTA you will be most satisfied and productive when you are involved in work that emphasizes your leadership ability and creative vision for the future. You are interested in jobs that allow you to continually develop your base of knowledge, exercise your imagination, somewhat vain and maintain autonomy.

    in short yes i love myself
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