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    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    I don't know what to say, That map is just pure awesome! <3
    Thanks man. For your map, I'd suggest making it more rounded, as your map is very square. Also your grass should follow this rule too. Note how my grass comes in sorta crescent shapes. The upper middle down to the bottom right areas have too much grass. Also you will want to get or make better diagonal stair tiles.

    Originally Posted by ppooookkkkkkk View Post
    thanks every one for the examples. I'll try to fix, my maps as soon as possible.

    Edit new map i hopw its good :D


    There are no gaps in the trees.

    Some of those empty space you can see. Are for items.

    There is a road construction going on. So, thats why there are those half road mud paths
    You're still not listening. You need to make smaller paths. Much smaller. And make more of them. Take a look at my earlier post for an example. Maps are meant to be very detailed things; you don't want to use too big a brush. It is much better to have a smaller, well designed map than a big poorly designed one. That goes for Rayquaza too. Make smaller maps. Much smaller. Like I suggested, start with 30x30 and go from there. For ppooookkkkkkk, try 60 wide by 30 high. For Rayquaza, try 30 wide by 90 high. Note this doesn't count the edges; that'll add in like 10 each side or thereabouts. Good luck guys.