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I remember the first time I played Diamond and Pearl.

Wow. Nostalgia~~! I loved that game so much. I had gotten all the way to the part where you catch Dialga, but I couldn't navigate Mt. Cornet, so I lent it to a freind of mine, Bill, whose sister released Dialga minutes after he caught it. I restarted the game after that, but the game was stolen at my daycare.

Platinum I got at my 9th birthday, I think. It was also the only game I ever beat without help from anybody. I remember, I was waiting for my parents to come back from Los Vegas or somewhere at the airport, and I got to Mt. Cornet Peak while waiting for them to arrive. I was more excited over visiting the Distortion World than seeing them, but unfortonutely it died on me before I could catch Giritina.. I was so mad!

Ahh, childhood. I'll never forget you. Speaking of which, I'm off to go get the Platinum ROM so I can relive it! :D
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