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Oh the good times of the brick GBC. I had a purple see-through one and my god did I love it, haha. xD; Welcome to PC, Sin!

So you've been into Pokemon for quite a while, which is neat! Did you ever have any phases where you got bored of the series or anything? Seems like a lot of fans go through that at one point, but that has yet to happen for me (for now aha). And out of curiosity, do you mostly play the main series games, or are you interested in the spin-offs too? People mostly seem to mention the main games and never anything on the poor sidegames like Mystery Dungeon, so I've started getting curious lately. What's your favorite if you played one? :3

Trading and battling are both quite popular aspects of the community here, so stop by the Trade Corner and Battle Center anytime for all your trade and battle-related needs! I'd volunteer to connect with you if I had a working WiFi signal, but sadly my internet is wired and the Nintendo WiFi Connector is horrible at best. You'll definitely find people to trade and battle if you explore the aforementioned sections though, so make sure to stop by and make some posts! :D You can always leave your friend code in your signature too, as we don't have an official friend code thread anywhere here on PC, sadly. It's encouraged to use your signature for things like that here though, and is a pretty good way to get it seen.

That's all this member has to say, so have a great time and see you around~! Hope you like our community!

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