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    Originally Posted by ElementChaoz View Post
    Hey all, its been awhile since i've played R/B/Y and I decided to start playing them again, now I remember I was to take all my time to leveling each pokemon i got to a certain lvl so i could have them all even in level, but now i'm playing again, and wondering, at the beginning should I just lvl up certain pokemon until i reach a certain point then just lvl up the rest later on if and when i need certain others?
    I've always tried to level up my Pokemon pretty evenly, but mostly have just gone about it 'naturally', without too much grinding. For example, using one or two key Pokemon in a gym, they get stronger, so then at the start of the next area (or if I catch a new Pokemon), I set them at the front of my party, and switch out at the start of all battles until they are ready to start competing with the level of trainers/wild Pokemon around.