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First time forum-user huh? Well well well....where do I start?

First off, welcome to PC! This might be already obvious, but we're a huge Pokemon forum, full of diverse people from many countries and whatnot. What makes PC so different from other communities is the people, at least that's what separates it for me. Experience can vary from person to person, but I feel a lot of what comes out of PC is this "home"-y feeling. It's a cheesy way to put it, but whatever. XD

Secondly, you get to post in wherever strikes your fancy! This is the part that I also like about PC, and forums in general(but I feel that PC does it best). You have strong diversity here, and as such, people can find it easy to just about find a home anywhere. Like how NU/W(this forum), is my home, because I like to make new members such as yourselves as comfortable as possible here.

That being said though, enjoy your time here, Sinstroke! I hope you enjoy PC as much as I do now, and stick around!
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