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Marcus de Telarius- #8 Strength

Marcus exhaled slowly, his hands behind his back as he walked across the uneasy ballroom, the guests still anxious over the announcements that had just occurred. And they had good reason to be. Marcus was also concerned, perhaps not as much for himself as for his family. They were about to be put into situations they would rather not be in, but they would have no choice in the matter. Marcus, despite his personal attachment to them, would have to act not as their older brother, but as their instructor and superior. They most likely would fight him, particularly Flint, but Marcus learned that if he presses hard enough, they would eventually come around. He knows they won't give much positive reaction to him. None ever do, but he hopes they would eventually understand his motives. Even if they don't, they'll do as he demands. He'll make sure of it.

From the corner of his eye, he observed Flint in the corner, talking to one of his subordinates, Xoxxa Illiphia, who had conveniently arrived late. Marcus debated whether or not to approach them. It appeared Flint was actually acting like a proper de Telarius and actually socializing, so Marcus didn't want to interrupt him. On the other hand, he had to reprimand his subordinate for arriving late, since he had asked her to arrive earlier for ballroom security duty. As Marcus debated, he saw Beck's presence, which ultimately made him decide to approach the three. He figured his siblings were probably pretty shaken by the announcements, and a good scolding by Marcus might get their minds off what had just happened, and what will happen and ease the tension. His version of caring.

As he first began his approach, he couldn't hear what was being discussed, although he thought he heard his name brought up by Flint. As he got closer, he heard what Xoxxa began saying, although it was probably easily heard by the people around.

"Do you know... if that boy there spies on nude girls by chance?" Marcus stopped walking as fast towards them and shook his head, walking a bit slower up to Xoxxa from behind. Eyes of other guests traveled from Beck and Xoxxa. "I can only assume someone with the ability to hide themselves from sight is probably a huge pervert. I'm a little concerned for my privacy with him around..."

At this moment, Marcus interjected. "I assure you, miss Illiphia, that my brother does nothing of the sort. He is an upstanding and moral citizen who always behaves appropriately and dutifully. He is intelligent, ethical, and honorable. The only thing he is not..." Marcus says, examining the clock attached to the wall above their heads, " on time. Like usual." Marcus says, looking at Beck disapprovingly. He then turned his judgmental eyes to Xoxxa, observing her intently, before addressing her. "Which actually makes two of you. You are aware that you were summoned for security purposes to arrive before the celebrations began? I assume you have a legitimate excuse, and if so I would love to hear it. In fact..." His eyes averted back and forth from Beck and Xoxxa, crossing his arms. "...I assume you both do. Do tell."

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