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What are dreams?

Thoughts in your sleep.

My dreams usually have things to do with what happened the day earlier.

As much as I try, I can't force what I want to dream. Whatever I dream of is something I didn't think of dreaming.

Do they mean anything?

I guess, in some occasions. I've had several dreams which had some sort of resemblance or warning of what's going to happen the day after, but they could be coincidences.

If so, what do they mean?

They mean however you want them to. It's basically human perception. You can never really say what your dream means, because everyone has their own opinion, how it will affect their life.

Is there any way to make yourself have a dream?

By falling asleep. Haven't heard of any other way.

What about lucid dreams?

Lucid dreams are freaking awesome. I have them once in a while. I don't know how to cause them, unfortunately. I'm also too lazy to do the old-fashioned way of journaling your dreams to get the pattern, and start lucidifying your sleep. I once turned a mountain, into a house, into an old man (as in THE old man in Kanto), into a rock, into a basket, into a bunch of fruits, and for a few minutes, I played real-life Fruit Ninja. Then, I woke up. I was on a plane, I don't know if that was the reason why I lucid dreamed. I rarely sleep on plane trips, even on long ones, so I can't tell.
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