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Originally Posted by Draceus View Post
Just want to share something. This is the list of the new moves and their corresponding original moves. I made the list because I wanted to make my Infernape learn Aura Sphere through Gameshark but had no idea what move its based on. After spending a little time of trial and error, here is the result.
(Air Cutter - Cut) (Air Slash - Air Cutter) (Aura Sphere - Superpower) (Brave Bird - Sky Attack) (Close Combat - Mega Punch) (Cosmic Beam - Aurora Beam) (Dark Bomb - Barrage) (Fire Dance - Fire Spin) (Flame of Rage - Swift) (Head Smash - Skull Bash) (Iceberg - Sheer Cold) (Judgment - Horn Drill) (Roar of Time - Guillotine) (Rock Climb - Hyper Fang) (Seed Flare - Aromatheraphy) (Shadow Flame - Grudge) (Shadow Force - Fissure)
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