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Olivia Wolf - Icy Plains
T-Tights? Olivia delivered a perfect pokerface as she attempted to decide whether Nemo was trying to tell her to be more modest or that tights would further compliment her figure. This did not last long, as there was a pretty large distraction. Namely, this woman was now referring to her as skirt girl...and Nemo as kiddie. Olivia narrowed her eyes, slightly. I'm sorry, was her hero being attacked? By a teacher? Olivia glanced at Nemo briefly, a look of frustration on her brow. She observed what Nemo's reaction was and determined that no, she was not in fact fond of the name she'd been given.

Clearly this teacher did not know who she was!

Olivia snatched up Nemo's hand and held it in a show of unity. The stage was set and she was ready to perform. "/Actually/..." she started in a tone that suggested she intended to interrupt, taking a slightly domineering stance as if challenging the other to strike her. "I think I might love this girl!~ She saved my life, and /I/ think she deserves /your/ respect!" she exclaimed in a defensive tone, completely dropping all subtly in her flirting and going straight for the throat. Sorry, Nemo. This one gets her values from cheesy romance novels. It had seemed like a great idea to her anyway. Standing up against a teacher for her and admitting her feelings was clearly an excellent idea that could never go wrong in any way.

...Or, y'know. Nemo might think she wasn't being serious about that first part and she could get a detention.

Such was the risk of the overly-eager romanticist, willing to jump headfirst into things and imitate cheesy romance novels in an attempt to impress her prospective lovers. Meanwhile, if Olivia felt the cold she honestly didn't show it all that much. Perhaps the constant fangirling she did over others kept her blood circulating nice and hot.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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