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    Those months for the Reviewing Challenge sound pretty doable, although the way this one went, I'm not so certain about December, to be honest with you - it seems like it's a busy month for many people, or possibly just a month of unparalleled festive laziness.

    I'm always up for a Writing Challenge, so I'll just accept that yours is probably a more reasonable schedule for them than 'every two minutes' and leave it at that. Oh, and the Blitz was sublime, so I'm always happy for that one to pop up again. If I remember rightly, I promised 10 4,500-word chapters in one month for that, and for some reason I actually managed to do it; anything that gets me writing so much is fine by me.

    Constant events also sound fun. Chain stories, perhaps weekly prompts to generate some under-1000-word one-shots - all of these sound like good fun ideas that should help generate activity, if only because many people feel a lot more comfortable writing than reviewing (presumably as it's often seen as being more fun).

    As my forays into the world of poetry are restricted entirely to improvised haiku about lobsters and marmalade, I feel totally inadequate to comment on the Poetry subforum and will now gracefully give up the floor to the next speaker. So to speak.


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