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Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
im going to be offline for a few months (till 14 March) my exams are coming up and these are very very important. D: D:
see ya guys~
Ahh we'll miss you dearly, Avishka. ;; You're a really cheerful girl, so it's gonna be lonely not receiving your adorable VMs every now and then for two months. ): But yes, you have to place importance to those exams! I wish you well on your short leave. Pass them for us, okay? I'll be seeing you when you come back. :3 Bye!

Originally Posted by Urugamosu View Post
Sorry I've been away for a while, been flying back to Australia, and now I am, and I should be posting within this day or tomorrow~
Hi Urugamosu! Welcome back. :) I remember seeing you around the forums before, so I'm glad that you can be active again. I expect to see those posts! :D
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