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    Hello. This is a Work In Progress Fan-Fiction on Pokemon, as you may have thought. In this story, Jamie, a young boy, journies around an entirely new region, never before seen, called Kaylen. Kaylen is your averaged size region, with an average thing going on. However, that all changes while he's out.


    "It's here." A voice murmured, in pitch black darkness.
    "You mean..." Another voice, this time, a women's, said.
    "It has to be. This is the last place Astelltra was seen." The man replied. Suddenly, you could see his face. Black hair, longer than the average. However, his cold face definitely gave him the man-like look. Out of nowhere a cry was heard, and all of sudden, both ran. Whatever was there, is was certainly dangerous. They ran and ran, and then, a shout, louder than anything imaginable from a person, could be heard.
    "Time... for... destruction!"
    "It's Arceus!" The women seemed to whisper, although you could see she was trying hard to be heard. Then, the man tripped, and the women just carried on, and on, and on...

    Chapter 1 - Early Days

    Jamie realized the day, and sighed. Bored, like always.
    "Jamie, do you know what day it is today?" His Mum Questioned him.
    "Yeah, it's Sund- wait... really? Oh jeez, I'm gonna have to run!" Jamie replied realizing what day it is. Today, he was to receive a special Pokemon from the Professor of Kaylen. He did not know what he was going to receive, as he did not choose. It was up to Professor Pine, and as soon as a child in Varnel Town was born, he registered them a Pokemon, which was trained to be a great starting Pokemon. Only his mum knew. However, she didn't know the full details at all. Jamie suddenly got dressed quickly, and ran over to the Professor's lab.

    When he was there, he saw he was not the only one, and his rival, Blake, looked angry, and glared. His glare seemed reminiscent of an Arbok's.
    "How long did it take it for you to find out what day it was? Or did it just not go through your thick, fat head?" Blake leered at him.
    "Ur..." Jamie couldn't think of what to say. He wanted to punch Blake.
    "Anyway, when I get the best Pokémon, and you have a useless Magikarp, don't sweat it if I challenge you, alright? Because we both know what will happen." Suddenly Professor Pine walked in.
    "Blake, now, I know what Pokémon you have. You don't, and you better not whinge." He stared at Blake and Jamie, "either of you." He paused, and took a breath. His assistant gave Professor Pine a Pokéball.
    "Here you are, Professor." His assistant clumsily said, nearly dropping the red and white ball.
    "Blake, this is your one." Professor Pine handed Blake the Pokéball.
    "Alright, then! Come out, super dude!" Blake called, throwing the ball into the air. The ball hit the floor, and out came Blake's Pokémon. It was really quite strange.
    "What is it?" Blake asked the Professor.
    "Ah!" The Professor told Blake. "This is a rather special Pokémon of mine."
    "Told you I was going to get the best one, Jamie" Blake sneered. Before Jamie had time to retaliate, Professor Pine replied back.
    "This is an Eevee." Professor Pine told Blake.
    "Cool!" Blake shouted.
    "Here is your Pokédex." Professor Pine handed Blake the Pokédex. It looked like an average one, it was green, and had 2 screens. The top one was the picture of the Pokémon, the bottom gave all the details. "Now, Jamie, here is your one." Jamie couldn't believe it. He finally had one. A Pokémon.
    "Alright then, let's show them!" Jamie called. The ball hit the floor. Suddenly, a blue Pokémon appeared out of the ball. It was the Emanation Pokémon, Riolu. Blake looked envious.
    "Look who's laughing now, Blake!" Jamie taunted. Blake looked like he was about to cry. "Wanna battle?" Jamie asked. Blake suddenly was back to himself.
    "Of course, I mean, Eevee's have always been better than Riolu's. Especially my one, it knows Quick Attack!" Blake snapped. Jamie looked at his Riolu, and checked the Pokédex.
    "Amazing!" Jamie shouted. "Riolu, you know Aura Sphere?!" Blake suddenly stopped all his laughing, and pulled the whiny face again.
    "Who cares what it knows! It will still lose! Ready, Eevee?" Blake said. Eevee called back, which seemed to mean yes.
    "Fine! Riolu, get ready to rumble!" Riolu looked prepared for battle. "You take first move, Blake!"

    Battle Scene - Jamie VS Blake
    Eevee used Tackle
    Riolu dodges
    Riolu uses Force Palm
    Eevee counters with Quick Attack. Hit!
    Riolu used Aura Sphere. Hit!
    Eevee is struggling.
    Riolu uses Force Palm. Hit!
    Eevee is now really struggling.
    Eevee gets up
    Eevee uses Quick Attack
    Riolu dodges
    Eevee uses Quick Attack. Hit!
    Riolu uses Force Palm. Hit!
    Eevee is down!

    End Of Battle

    Blake couldn't believe it. He lost.
    "Oh well, it's still early days!" Blake shouted, and then he stormed off. Your right, Blake. Your right. More of a chance of me defeating you.
    Pokemon Y > Pokemon X

    Don't agree? Sorry for spoiling your day.

    Coming soon... a new game... after I've finished Pokemon Steel of course.

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