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    As the pokeball rolled towards the girls foot, the guy with her went into the pokemon center. He said her name amongst other things before entering, though.

    Willow... I finally have a name.

    Willow proceeded to pick up the pokeball containing his troublesome magby.

    "Forgive but you seem to have lost this," She said with a giggle as she extended her hand towards him trying to get him to take the pokeball.

    Should I let her put it down or take it?

    He sat there motionless for a couple minutes and as he started to lift his head and extend his hand towards hers the boy returned. Ike quickly returned to his fake slumber so he could listen to what he was about to say.

    "Willow, Julian, we need to go to Jubilife and fast." the boy said in an anxious way.

    Julian... another name. I wonder which one that is... and I wonder why the sudden push to Jubilife..

    Ike listened as Willow replied to him. It was obvious she wasn't ready to go. He felt the ground stir as she put the pokeball down beside him before walking inoto the pokemon center. As the door clicked shut, he felt around for his pokeball, quickly securing it and subtly returning it to his belt loop.

    That was a close one. Relief shot through Ike and he shifted in comfort.

    As she returned she said the guys name, Gau, and told him to explain the situation.

    Gau.. that must be the guy. So there is a Gau, Willow, and Julian. Just missing one name. Now to listen to what is going on.. Then I follow them. I will eventually have to come clean.. How will I do so is the question.
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