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    I'll have a SU up for a Moku soon.

    Name: Katchooee, but he has come to be known as "Chooee" because of his long name. In the arena, he is known as the Rogue Wind.
    Species: Moku
    Age: 23
    Enforcer/Gladiator/Creyen: Gladiator
    Rank/Title: Adept

    Appearance: Katchooee is roughly 6'10, the average size for the Moku male. His arms are long and skinny with feathers all up the length with wings around them. His legs make up half his height roughly and are long and skinny as well. They are coated in feathers as well. The feathers that coat his limbs are a vibrant green color. Seeing this as an abnormality he is considered odd, as his tail is the same color of green. His beak is the normal orange of his race. His face is angular and his eyes are the deepest green anyone has ever seen. His talons are larger than the average Moku's, marking him as a great warrior. They are roughly a foot long, making it easy to wield a spear from long distances. They also allow close combat to be possible. His feet are taloned as well. He trims the talons just to where they are dangerous when kicking and practical for landing safely. When he isn't wearing his armor, he is wearing a vibrant green surcoat that matches his feathers. He wears a pair of dark green breeches and does not wear shoes. His surcoat is emblazoned with the mark of a gladiator Adept.

    Armour: Katchooee's armor is made of hard boiled leather that is studded. His cuirass covers up to his neck and down to his thighs with pauldrons covering his shoulders, but not enough to impede his wings. His arms have gauntlets that shield them well. His greaves and boots are both made of the same dark leather, but are not studded. He has sheaths around his wings made of hard leather that aren't solid enough to impede their movement. There are various leather sheathes throughout his armor that contain his favorite set of throwing knives.

    Main Weapon: A four foot spear
    Secondary Weapon: Various throwing knives that he keeps in various hidden pockets throughout his armor.

    Powers: Summoning and Telekinesis

    Personality: Chooee is a very shrewd person. He always says what he means and he'll never sweeten his words. He'll say it like it is, and that's that. Being an adept he knows his place, but he will never hesitate to take the oppurtunity $to move up through the ranks. Being one of the only Moku in the arena, he is a crowd favorite. Very few adepts have beaten him in battle, making him a bit arrogant. When he wins, he has a tradition where he will go to the nearest tavern and treat himself to the grog that the Gargan's enjoy daily. When he loses, he isn't happy but he takes the loss with dignity. He offer his opponent a handshake, and after that, a friendship. He is odd for a Moku. He is fearless, absolutely headstrong, and a bit on the warrior side. Katchooee is all of the rage in the Moku people that live in the Creyan empire. The Moku women throw themselves at him, and he accepts. He will sometimes have four women in a single night. This, however, does not mean he isn't looking for a relationship. He is cold to those he calls inferiors.


    Other Info: