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@ Ultimate PKMN Trainer Red
Soo... I'll guess... Pikachu?

@ lineofdeath
You were guessing Zubat for me, right? If so, then yes. If not, forget I said that :p

I assumed the films would be more important because I thought you were talking about the way the Pokémon laughed. Fyi Wobuffet is a no, it's Zubat.
I've noticed line guessed Hihidaruma... I've never heard of that Pokémon before, that's why I couldn't guess it from the laugh things. So, yeah, line guessed that. It's 5th gen, isn't it?

@ General people this is not a username
If anyone wants go guess my second least favourite, it's more of a custom pokémon in a ROMhack based on one that already exists. It's a tough-as-nails legendary with a severely OP move and ridiculous stats.
Turnips shall rise.

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