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Finally a Homestuck fan! I've been waiting to see if another one would drop by. There aren't too many of us here, and some aren't as active as I'd like them to be. u_u But yes, a warm welcome to our forums, Strider! You should know by now that I am a huge Homestuck fan. :> Dave, Karkat and John are awesome characters, I have to agree. But apart from them, I also like Dirk, Roxy, Rose and Kanaya a lot. :D

Also I watch lots of anime and like Pokémon, too. :3 To be honest I like all six of what you listed there very much, so I can say that you have good taste! But yeah, we have lots of boards for Pokémon here, of course! I don't really know about Homestuck since the club for that died a few months ago, but you can still VM me about it! We can chat about it like crazy, haha. Still, being an anime fan, you should seriously add the Japanese Entertainment section on your list! All non-Pokémon anime discussions go there. :)

But yes, I hope I'll be seeing more of you! And just so you know, this forum's more real than Kraft Mayo. So you'll definitely have a blast while you're here. Talk to you soon. ;D
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