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    Originally Posted by Dialga255 View Post
    Hey in which part we will see a darugis? Did you alredy make his sprite ? If you did iit must look cool didnt it .

    I would also like to find which legendary pokemon we will be able to catch in beta 2 and when should beta 2 come out ?

    oh yes i forgot to mentioned that whe i finished battle against adrian i look at my bedges and i have only 7 bedges. and when i save the game it says i have 7 badges .
    Did you defeat all of the gym leaders? There's a few that's not mandatory such as Nora in Numassity City (I'm shocked no one had problems with her "signature" Pokemon btw), Kai in Iceland City, and you could skip Bruce in Montage Fortress as well. As for Darugis, yes his sprite is complete. I believe it's somewhere buried in the thread, but you'll have to wait until Dark Rising 2 to finally confront it in a battle. If you thought Adrian was for the legendaries in part 2; all of the legendaries that weren't present in part 1 is in part 2. I've already inserted all of the Pokemon who'll be in it(All of their sprites, still doing their stats/moves/etc) They'll also be more newer moves in the next one as well to better benefit some Pokemon. Like Gunk Shot, etc(I'm trying to get the Physical/Special Split in part 2. Still working on it). You can expect to see the 4 Musket-deers, The 3 birds, Latias/Latios, and others.