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    Black 2/White 2 seem, in my opinion, like more complete games. Black/White seemed to rush to a completed production leaving fully half of Unova unexplored whereas B2/W2 try to give you something to do everywhere on the map (except in the old starting town, but even in Nacrene you can pick up something post-game, and the Route 3 breeder is still there). Even in the main area a couple of spots are closed until post-E4; those are Icirrus City and Black City/White Forest; the latter is in the closed Eastern Unova area from before, this time with a broken Marvelous Bridge elevator and a row of guys in the Black City gate who say they may someday randomly disappear (of course, using an Action Replay and walking through walls will deke around the latter for those who like to cheat), the former is blocked off due to a closed Twist Mountain and a random "weight test" on Tubeline Bridge that goes on for days (until the E4 fall).

    So yes, the path is still somewhat generic, but there are a lot of new areas that encompass the ending of the maingame. Yes, Castelia City is a repeat, but you can train in the sewers and Relic Passage when you first arrive. Route 4 is changed depending on the game, Relic Castle isn't as big. Nimbasa is Nimbasa, but your character can get a boyfriend or girlfriend here to later trade Pokémon with. *snicker* Yes, Route 5 and the Driftveil Drawbridge are the same (there's a Hidden Grotto on Route 5, and the first one you encounter in the game). Driftveil City is totally different except for the Market and the Pokémon Center, with four hotels. PWT to the south is new. Route 6, Chargestone, Route 7, and Mistralton are no different except for the Mistralton Gym and more Grotto locations. You then fly to Lentimas, which is new, and Reversal Mountain is all-new (check out the Strange House while here), ending up at Undella (which is new to the maingame). Lots of repeating again, with Cobalion and Virizion appearing to make things interesting (random tidbit; after the Opelucid City events, if you have yet to battle Virizion, it's standing between attacks on Route 11 unfazed; WTH?). After you finish in Opelucid City, everything is brand-new except the Giant Chasm area (which you find via a new entrance as it's closed from Route 13 until you visit the other side of a boulder, and even the forest area underneath can be called new because of events there that later leave destroyed forestry everywhere), and the last glimpse of something familiar in the maingame is part of the old Victory Road and the Pokémon League.

    So yes, in my opinion, there is enough new about the game to warrant getting and playing it. Plus you have a 300 Pokémon Unova Dex this time, instead of just the new 156.

    Then there's the Move Tutors for Shards, the Medal Rally...but I won't spoil any more.

    I just wish using Memory Link exposed part of the old Route 10 and put it back on the map. It'd be neat to step into the area and see the rocks all blocking the way.

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