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Salman, I would very much appreciate it if you try to make your posts related to your introduction and people's replies to it. ^^; We're all happy that you're enthusiastic about this game you found and your plans to make one yourself, but this really isn't the place for talking about it further, I'm afraid. u_u If you'd want to learn more about making games, there's always the Game Development section for games not made from hacking (I read that you don't plan to hack), which you can check out. That section has lots of tools and resources that will possibly help you make your own game if you're patient and willing to learn. :3

Also, PC doesn't really like double posting or consecutive posts like the ones that you did there, so understand that you might have to wait for someone else to reply before you post again. I will merge your posts for now, but try not to do it again, alright? ;~;

Welcome to PC, though! <3 I would like you to have the best experience that you can possibly have here, so before everything, please read our forum-wide rules so that you won't get in any kind of trouble when you post. There are also rules in the specific sub-forums of PC. These threads are usually located on the top, each labelled as a "sticky" for you to access it quickly. If you follow those, then it's gonna be a lot smoother, your posts won't get deleted, and mods won't need to remind you to keep your posts within the rules. It's a win-win situation! :D

But yeah if you have questions or if you're having trouble with anything forum-related, send a VM straight to my way! Or Cirno too, whom you might have already talked to in private. :) Staff are generally knowledgeable with the sections that they handle, so you can always ask them if you need assistance regarding their respective sections!
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