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Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
Posting here as an old timer wishing to continue the Poison challenge to try and remember what I liked about Pokemon. The Fire Red playthrough was a memorable one for me, so I thought I should continue where I left off from the challenge to continue where I left off and hope to have the same experience. (Sapphire) However due to losing the save I may have to restart, but that is fine by me.

Though one thing I want to note: I am not, and I repeat, I am not gonna play through Unova. Seeing as that's the region that gave me the bad taste in the mouth, it'd be completely against what I'm aiming for right now to even touch any Gen 5 game. I started without Gen 5 and I'm gonna finish this without it. Being on the Champion list is of no significance to me. If this means I'm not going on it, then by all means. Only reason I'm posting here is to post the updates which I thought added to the experience. I am also gonna play by the old rules.

However, I don't know when I'll start. Could be next week, could be the end of the month, could be never. Hopefully it'll be sooner than later. Reason I'm posting right now is to see if it is alright with the OP to do as I please.
Don't worry man, I don't blame you for hating Unova. It's perfectly reasonable to. I will put you in the Ultimate challengers list when I update, and just cut it off at Sinnoh. That way your recognized, but you can always go back and finish Unova if you ever decide to finish the Challenge!