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Hi there, Felt Friend! That is such a cute username, haha. Oh and good detective skills! This place is indeed the best place to start. :3 Plus don't worry if you haven't played Pokémon for a while, I mean even I haven't finished White 2 and it's been a while since I played. Seriously, all Pokémon fans are welcome here, because if you're familiar with anything related to Pokémon, then chances are, you'll find a topic that you can relate to and post in here. :D

It's not that surprising, I think. It really is a blissful experience to keep coming back for the same dose of the Pokémon franchise, and it's hard to explain why. I mean I also grew up with it, but how come I never grew out of it like most of my peers in real life? o3o I might not get it, but I can still relate a lot with your stand with the franchise. I mean sometimes I lose interest in the series, but then I just come back without prior notice and loving the franchise even more, haha. Oh and by the way, I watched a lot of anime, too! Wind Heart linked you to PC's section for that, so maybe I'll see you post some there and we can talk about what we've watched. Or you could just VM me and stuff! That would work too.

You can still add a lot of stuff to your intro, you know. Like favorite Pokémon, favorite anime, favorite video game, favorite hobby, favorite food, or anything that you're comfortable with sharing, really. :3 But yeah, I hope you have lots of good times and learn a lot in this place, because I sure did. Welcome aboard, Felt Friend!
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