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    Originally Posted by Griffinbane View Post
    Rock types for certain. Seriously, very few of them are special attackers and there are no rock type special attacks (hidden power doesn't count). The majority of them are physical attackers and/or physically defensive. The few that aren't are glass cannons, or slow, or use forced to use nothing but non-rock moves. Special water and grass attacks ruin them terribly and those types are rampant in competitive, casual AND in-game. Aura sphere ruins them too and that move is somewhat common in wifi battling. Okay, they're strong as hell, and bulky too, but they're slower than a snail. Most of them, anyway. Aerodactyl was scary in gen 4 but nowadays, pfft! Flick an Ice Beam at it and watch it fall like a meteor.
    You know, Rock types have Sturdy and Rock Polish to fix those flaws you've mentioned. The problem is that Ground types outclasses it on the offensive side, and Steel outclasses it on the defensive side. The only reasons Tyranitar and Terrakion are being used is because the former is a weather summoner and the latter is a Fighting type and happens to be part of the reason why Fighting types are dominating the metagame.

    But how to make a special rock-type attack that is believable?
    A move involving meteor showers?
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