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I received Soul Silver for Christmas this year, and I started it ASAP. I decided to go for Feraligatr, but did soft reset until a good nature was found. In this time, I:
  • Beat Sprout Tower Elder, got Flash, and caught a Ghastly
  • Defeated Falkner after training my 'mons up
  • My egg hatched to reveal Togepi, but its Adamant Nature turned me off, so off to the box it stays.
  • Caught A Modest Vulpix
  • Beat Whitney with said Vulpix somehow
  • Lost the bug catching contest ):
  • Beat Sudowoodo, trained, and then defeated Morty at the gym after encountering the legendary dogs
  • Obtained the HM for surf, but waited until I got to Olivine to use it on a slave Corsola.
  • Croconaw evolved into Feraligatr, and Ghastly into Haunter.
  • Completed the lighthouse medicine mission, and traveled to the Safari Zone
  • Finally caught Murkrow, but bad natures inspired me to breed a good one ;;
  • Hatched a Jolly Murkrow, and trained that.
  • Beat Chuck and Pryce (after the Rockets of course)
  • Caught Nidoran (Male) and started its training
  • Left off in The Goldenrod Radio Tower where I am attempting to save the city from the Rockets...

(Sorry if this looks a lot like jdthebud's style)

Here's my team:

Murkrow (M) Lvl. 35
Ability: Super Luck
Jolly Nature
-Wing Attack
-Faint Attack

Nidorino (M) Lvl. 34
Ability: Rivalry
Modest Nature
-Horn Attack
-Double Kick
-Sludge Bomb

Vulpix (F) Lvl. 35
Ability: Flash Fire
Modest Nature
-Quick Attack

Haunter (F) Lvl. 35
Ability: Levitate
Quirky Nature
-Sucker Punch
-Shadow Ball

Feraligatr (M) Lvl. 38
Ability: Torrent
Naughty Nature
-Ice Fand
-Water Gun

Still uncertain about the last slot, but Corsola is my main HM slave. I'm also waiting for the HM Waterfall for Gatr to have a reliable physical STAB move.