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Originally Posted by Ryoutarou View Post
Not a fan of Tamers? Weird, that seems the be the one season people laud all the time. I find it odd when people say they only like the first two seasons. I think there's definitely nostalgia at play there because Adventure 02 is just sort of...not great. Though I still prefer it over a lot of what the Pokemon anime has to offer, the BlackWarGreymon arc alone is better than anything I've seen in the Pokemon anime. It just brings up all these interesting stories, then drops them, brings up villains out of nowhere, only to have them be sidelined after like three episodes. After a while it sort of feels like you have too much going on, BlackWarGreymon, Daemon, Arukenimon, and Oikawa because the staff was having a difficult time ending those particular stories.

Tamers just feels like the strongest series to me, its first half is purely character development and then the second half dives right into this pretty dramatic story for the rest of its run. It even becomes the one series so popular with older viewers that it got a spinoff novel made for adults.

What I enjoy so much about Digimon's first three years is that there's a clear progression of fun and adventure to that mixed with drama, to a ton of drama, it feels like a stylistic maturation, and that's the sort of thing I love. And I still really love Frontier, but I'll fully admit that it leaves...a lot to be desired - which can also be said for Savers and Xros Wars, especially Xros Wars.

I've never been a big fan of the Digimon games, though re:Digitize does look pretty interesting, as does the new upcoming Adventure game. But I think I'm now always just going to want an anime in the style of the re:Digitize game, that opening sequence is not enough!
I put it that way because the movie + first two seasons was the 'Golden Age' of Digimon for me. I liked Tamers, but by then Digimon was falling out of favor with me just a bit. And yeah, I've got the nostalgia goggles on hard for the first two Digimon seasons, haha. Spent many a Saturday watching those shows.