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Hey guys whats up? My name is Cassanova5 (no, the 5 is not an S it is a 5) and I'm just now signed up for Pokecommunity! I have been to the site multiple times in search of great hacks of pokemon games to test out. Heres some things about me…

-Im from Florida
-Im fifteen years old
-Im a sophomore
-Im a hardcore athlete
-Varsity Swimmer
-Varsity Tennis player
-I have pretty much every gaming console after 2002
-Pokemon is my favorite video game ever

So yeah thats just some basics! I have no experience at hacking games but if anyone wants to help me, I would love to learn how! Im great with technology and coming up with scripts and things like that. So if anyone wants to take me under their wing, that would be awesome. Thanks for reading and I can't wait to be a part of the community! Thanks!

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