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    Complications. Life has a funny way of throwing complications your way. It wouldn’t have been much longer until he and his companions had reached Cherrygrove, the voyage almost wholly uneventful. Yet, life would never let such a thing be simply uneventful. Solomon and Moriarty had just polished off a battle against quite the spunky Caterpie. Moriarty proved victorious in the end of course, but Solomon would be lying if he didn’t give the little worm credit. It put up quite the fight. Maybe it had been an unusually high level for the area? It wasn’t uncommon for such an occurrence to happen. What followed, that -was- uncommon.

    The event blindsided him quite honestly. He was just going his merry way, goal in sight. Suddenly, something rolled into his legs and just about took him down with it. Moriarty gave a startled shriek and took to the skies, circling overhead and looking down in curiosity. It turned out, it wasn’t just something, but someone. A girl, no, young woman? By his best estimation, a beautiful one at that. If one were to go by such a narrow descriptive adjective. Perhaps her most distinguishing feature being long, pink hair. He cocked his head to the side as he sized her up, unsure quite what to make of her.

    "I'm sorry!" she blurted out and stood up, hastily brushing some leaves and dirt from her white coat.

    Solomon couldn’t help but notice that she missed a few. He stared at the debris that littered her coat. His compulsion to wipe it clean built up where he struggled to fight it. He reached out and plucked a leaf from her shoulder, not out of kindness, but out of sheer compulsion. “Being sorry doesn’t change it from having happened,” He responded to her flatly. His voice betrayed neither aggravation nor forgiveness in tone. It was as if he was talking to somebody about the weather.

    Moriarty circled again and landed on the girls hair rather abruptly, his big eyes looking back at Solomon with a confused look. Running into other players wasn’t exactly Solomon’s idea of fun. He let out an exasperated sigh and recalled the Hoothoot to his ball. No use complicating things just because the bird took a liking to the girls hair.

    “I’ll be on my way now.”