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    The battle graphics you can turn off in options. I agree, but disagree with being attached to the first gen. you played. I hated the 1st Gen, it was the first I played, until Firered and LeafGreen. My favorite one by far was 3rd Gen. Which I like better than any other gen.

    The new pokemon thing, I agree and disagree again. If it is about the looks you need to get over because 1st gen had horrible looking pokemon in it as well. If it is about the number then I agree. 156 was too many even though it was a completely new area of the world. However, I do not mind it.

    I like the Triple Battles, it is the Rotation battles I hate. They are just really annoying. The graphics were great! I don't see how they are tacky. Get use to new graphics because they are only going to evolve. They will never go back.

    And why would you burn a freaking game!? Why not just sell it to Gamestop or Online. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard someone do.
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