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    @Codaq: Cheers for the advice. I will probably rewrite it, but for now, I just want to get the rough idea of what the story will be like. So, now it's kind of shaped up, I will probably update with some key details that I'm missing.

    Chapter 3 will be up soon, as well, so, you won't have to wait too long for that. It will be considerably longer than the first 2, and will be called "Tackling the First Gym". Pretty much sums it up. Here's a little taster:

    "Quick, Riolu, use Force Palm!" Jamie shouted out quickly. Riolu quickly leapt into the air, and landed, fist first, into the Onix's rocky disaster of a face.
    "Alright, first one down!" Jamie had just defeated Pokemon number one.
    "Stupid kid! Listen, you are not gonna win easy! Boldore, show him!" [Leader] shouted, excitedly, for some strange reason.
    Jamie had no other though except to scream.

    What do you think? That's just a little taster of Jamie in the Gym.
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