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BORDERLANDSSSSS! I'm on Steam and PS3 with Borderlands 2 and just PS3 with Borderlands 1, name on all of them is AlexOzzyCake. c:

I utterly adore this series because it's a FPS that I can actually play with an incredible story and really cool characters. The unique skill trees, 'bazillions' of guns and countless class mods that you can access in Borderlands make it a truly special game in just how large it actually is. It's a series that I've never gotten bored of despite playing it for years on end and it keeps on bringing one great surprise after another. Once I heard about Borderlands 2 coming out, initially my reaction was "How can they possibly have more to add to this game?" so honestly I was expecting it to be pretty rubbish, but once it came out... just wow. I've barely been able to put it down since! And all the Easter Eggs they add in are amazing too and getting to beat Blade at it and just everything about the series makes it truly outstanding compared to other games of its kind. The only part that let me down is the lack of a male siren, how cute would that be? ;;
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