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    (I know there's already a thread about this game, but it's tool old and it's kind of different what I want to talk about here)


    It's been a while since the fifth Professor Layton game came out and probably most of you have already beaten it.

    Layton is asked to find out what is going on the city of Monte d'Or by his old friend Angela Ledore. This city, which just came out of the desert, is suffering from the miracles of the Masked Gentleman. This man is wearing the ancient Mask of Chaos, which is said to grant powers to the user of it. There are lots of puzzles awaiting to be resolved, which will lead you to the answer of this mystery.

    So, I made this thread to discuss what you think about Level 5's new 3D game and what's your opinion on it. Although it's supposed you're going to tell your experience after beating the game, if you're going to talk about something very important in the storyline, please use spoiler tags.

    My opinion

    This is the game I have least enjoyed. The exciting thing about P. Layton games is that in the end, you always get surprised because something you didn't expect just happens. Yes, the key of Layton games are the surprise (aside from puzzles, of course), which I didn't seem to find in this game. I could foretell what it was going to happen all the time, and this obviously made the end very boring. I must say I expected the surprise they always give us, but it looks like this time they forgot it. This to be told about the storyline.

    About the puzzles, as usual, I enjoyed them a lot. I can spend hours trying to figure out how to solve a puzzle before buying any clue (I end up buying a few, though ). And the minigame I most liked it's the Toy Robot (the music in the background while you are playing Toy Robot is just amazing).

    The last point I'd like to talk about, the music. I'm always marveled about Professor Layton background music. I can say that I stopped playing about half an hour just to listen one of the songs (I always do this with every Layton game). I'd definitely go to a Professor Layton music concert if I had the chance (and if it existed).

    Now, let's hear about what you have to say.

    Allez, hop!
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