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    I appreciate the tips about the Focus Sash and Explosion - I didn't know the sash was more effective, or that Explosion was much less powerful this gen (Really thanks for the Explosion part)

    In your opinion, if I wanted to use Rhyperior as a pokemon that would at least wear down several pokemon rather than defeating one before fainting, should I use the Dragon Tail version?

    I've also been told that I should consider adding a Cradily to my team to combat water types, what do you think I should switch it with, if anything?

    I'm also aware that I am pretty new at competitive battling, but do you think I should add Fire Blast to a pokemon that already has physical attacks, meaning I'd have to divide EVs between two attack forms, when I could put all my eggs in the Physical attack basket? I'm not really sure, but this seems strange to me.

    And one last question, I noticed that you added a lot more Stealth Rock, which pokemon do you think I should use as the initial pokemon, and should I use stealth rock first like I used to?

    Thanks again for all the advice,
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