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    With more frequent reviewing challenges, I think it would be better if the reviews required to actually complete the challenge were a toned down a bit, especially with this past one coming out with only one winner. Actually, the requirements to complete the review challenge might be better off if they were based on the month. (For example, December requires less reviews than would June. March and September would require slightly less compared to June as well - I'm biased to believe that June would probably have the most activity being the first month of summer vacation for most people.) Perhaps we could even do something along the lines of "why you should review and how to review." Just throwing apples peaches at the wall here.

    Writing challenges sound awesome. The chain story sounds fun too, but I'm wondering how us members can get to know each other better through discussion threads. I would think having a general discussion about literature in general would help with community, or any other fun-filled thread with unicorns and fire-breathing binders.

    So yeah. Off to a great year yo
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