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    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
    I'm hoping this isn't the end of Pokemon, although I doubt they would publicize it so much just to tell us that. They have just started out with the 3DS and haven't had the opportunity to take Pokemon to the next level yet so I can't see it ending just yet. Now this seems too big to be just a game announcement.
    I sure hope not. Bw2 were good, but no grand finale good.
    Going out on one of my many limbs here but...
    An international anouncement ( if say it was a game)
    Supports my rse remake theory, that they had begun work on it after or during the finalization of the original black and white. Which would give them more than enough time to have a secret project finished and ready for localization during the advertisement phase... it would explain all the likeliness between bw2 amd hoenn also...but this all cannot go without saying it could also be gen 6
    Just kinda hopin its rse