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Anyway, I absolutely love Borderlands 2! I've not actually got my hands on the first one yet but wahhhh I don't think I'll ever get a chance given how much I love this one! Currently got two characters going at once and loving them both (Maya and Zero, for anyone interested). Echoing everyone else in that I think what makes it so good is how well it does the whole FPS/RPG crossover thingy... something I've not seen pulled off well in many games until now. And also the graphics omfg - I don't usually care how 'good' the graphics are but they're just done so beautifully and in general with so much style in BL2 that I couldn't help but love them. Not enjoyed the appearance of a game so much since Wind Waker. Good times. <3

PC, by the way!

edit: ohh, here's something to spark up discussion! Check out what I just randomly found the other day:

boom, baby. My only other Legendary is the HellFire which Scorch dropped for me. It's like, level 8, and my level 12 Siren is using it beautifully right now. Sooooo overpowered.
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