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While we really don't get a lot of snow here, I always find it interesting how people act like they've never been in it before when we do get it (I'd imagine a good chunk of the US is like this, too). Cars seem to go at a third of their regular speed, people bundle up twice as much (even though the temperature didn't change), and things like that. What's even worse is that no one seems to know what a shovel is, so you're stuck walking on icy sidewalks for a week or two, which isn't exactly fun on the side of a mountain.
Originally Posted by Cosmotone8 View Post
Snow can be bed, especially when you end up sleeping on airport benches because your flight can't land. Long story short, our flight back from Florida couldn't land so we diverted to Baltimore at around 1 am and slept there on benches. Although it was mostly the wind that made it impossible for us to land.
Also, I have a new userbar for the club. It will be up on the main page.
I like the banner, but since the club is called the Land of the Maple Leaf, shouldn't there be... I don't know, a maple leaf somewhere? Maybe something like this? I don't know, just an idea.