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    Hello to anyone who reads this presentation.
    My name is Joseph, but you can call me Seppy. 22 years old, i'm from Italy (but speak and understand pretty well english), and i'm a pianist (not the best indeed, but good you can say).
    Talking about pokémon, i'm actually a fan of the videogames more than the animated series. I watched the series when i was a kid, just the first season, so i don't remember a lot about it. About the games, i started with Pokémon Blu, still play it on my gameboy color while i take the train, and i have played until the last one that came out for gameboy advance (i think it was emerald, not sure). Non the nintendo ds type, so i haven't tried the new ones, neither on the emulator, so don't blame me if i don't know some new generation pokémon, still i'm not one of those old generation fanatics: if a new pokémon is done well, then it's good.
    But, what most i like about pokémon is even the reason i came here: the hacks. I've tried one in the young days and thought that it was pretty awesome, so i tried another and another, and now i can say that i love playing them a lot. Maybe because after playing the same original ones for years sometimes you like a change in the maps, the story, and even some pokémon. I'm sort of a good tester for the games you can say, enjoy them and judge them is fun, there are some that are really majestic that i can say i love.
    So, to cut this short: hope to be welcomed in the forums, not sure i'll be posting everyday or everywhere, but i'll be around. Hope to make new friends, i love meeting people from different parts of the world and chat on msn or skype.

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