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    I hope it's RSE remakes! Though why would they simultaneously announce remakes for a previous game? It could make some sense if they were trying to appeal to the younger players and if they were sequels instead of direct remakes, they could be saying, "Look! Play in an all new Hoenn region!" (could sound like an all new region for the newbies or a fresh new Hoenn for the oldies)

    An all region game would be kinda cool, but it would kind of screw with the AU story I have going on in my head with all the characters and regions Haha.

    It's definitely not going to be, "Guys, we're ending Pokemon." Why would they do that after pushing BW so hard, which was basically advertised as a fresh start for people, and was basically created just so that people could feel like it was all new and so new people could just jump in. Plus, it seems the vibe is, "Guys!! New Pokemon news on January 8th, be sure to check it out! " (excited, something new) not, "Guys... there's going to be some big news regarding Pokemon on January 8th..." (sad, not exciting, not good - see?)