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Too many challenges I wanna do guys! Not nearly enough games to do em on. D:

1. Legendary Trio Challenge: I have my claim on this one and will be running it myself as soon as I get a game to play on. Maybe an emulator or something. Pretty straight forward, you play the game using only 3 legendary Pokemon for your team. This means that you will be severely handicapped in regards to typing, and all your Pokemon will be running the highest experience curve. Hacking is required in most circumstances, although there are exceptions with low level legendary Pokemon, like HGSS Creation trio mons, or events at lvl 15 or under.

2. Egg Group Challenge: This should be pretty self explanatory. I have seen a couple of really old threads out there for this challenge, and I think it would be really interesting.

3. Lost In Translation: This is another I really want to run myself, but I wouldn't care if someone started it before me. Basic concept is, you play through a foreign region game of a language that you don't speak, without the help of the internet to guide you.
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