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Originally Posted by Lapras* View Post
I don't see why it would be ridiculous to have 2 sequels in a row, especially since it's been soo long since RSE that for a lot of people they're just completely new games in general.
I agree. I mean i still play around with hacking ruby and have done overhauled maps twice for ruby... the areas and towns are kind of fuzzy to remember. Hoenn is just old now. It may not be quite the right time to some... but it definately is far from the wrong time... although i dont think they should be sequels... you can overhaul the hoenn region and make it feel brand new without putting a lable on it
Then again all the names like sparkling ruby and shimmering sapphire
And ruby red and sapphire blue... just seems corny to me
Now that i think about it... when the time comes i would much
Prefer a ruby2 and sapphire2
Flaming ruby and sunken sapphire or whatever lol