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Seppy is a really adorable nickname, so I'll call you that! Welcome to the forum sir and great to meet you. :D Like Leaf Storm, I also think it's pretty neat that you're from Italy, especially since it's one of the places I just have to visit in the future. Awesome~

So you've mostly experienced playing the older Pokemon games, I see, in which case the Metal/Color Games and Advanced Gen. Games would probably be fantastic places for you to check out. I started with Blue too and got Red for Christmas in 1998/1999 or so, so it's awesome to see other old-time fans join! So you don't have plans to try the newer games sometime? You might be interested in HeartGold and SoulSilver since they were pretty good remakes of Gold/Silver. The addition of the Pokeathlon made it a really fun game to play, I think, and it's always fun to see how Pokemon has improved over the years. But I'm just rambling on and on now about my suggestions haha; it's fine if you're not into the newer gens, since everyone has their own personal preferences. The earlier gens were all aweeesome anyway, especially Crystal and Yellow. <3

Hacks are... well, they're really addicting. PC became very well known for its Emulation section and amazing games so it's no surprise to hear you're into them! Having these fanmade games available to us helps keep people interested in Pokemon since playing the same few games can get a bit tiresome, as you said. I'll always be a fan of ROM hacking since without them, I wouldn't have Googled and found PC. ^^

You definitely seem like a great person and I was thrilled to see you made such a long intro. You'll fit in perfectly here, so enjoy your stay!
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