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    Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
    The Review Challenge during those months sound doable as long as something suddenly come up. I hope to join at least a couple of the challenges.

    I'm all for the blitz to come back even though I only finished one fic for that, haha. Prompt challenges are fun too (and perhaps a good way to get back to Pokemon fanfiction).

    Your post does bring up an interesting question as to whether the prompt challenges would be Pokemon fics only. On one hand, this is a Pokemon forum. On the other hand, the fics aren't being judged like they would be for the SWC, so it's not like they need to be Pokemon-based to get reviews. It probably helps though.

    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    Those months for the Reviewing Challenge sound pretty doable, although the way this one went, I'm not so certain about December, to be honest with you - it seems like it's a busy month for many people, or possibly just a month of unparalleled festive laziness.
    Hmmm, that's what I was thinking a little. That maybe November, December, and January are just quieter months? We could still do something so the forum doesn't have complete inactivity during those three months. But then again, people have holiday celebrations, school, work, and lives outside PC. So... it's something else to think about. And psyanic brings up a good point.

    Originally Posted by psyanic View Post
    With more frequent reviewing challenges, I think it would be better if the reviews required to actually complete the challenge were a toned down a bit, especially with this past one coming out with only one winner. Actually, the requirements to complete the review challenge might be better off if they were based on the month. (For example, December requires less reviews than would June. March and September would require slightly less compared to June as well - I'm biased to believe that June would probably have the most activity being the first month of summer vacation for most people.) Perhaps we could even do something along the lines of "why you should review and how to review." Just throwing apples peaches at the wall here.
    Would that perhaps work? Instead of saying "must get ten reviews in for the month of December" (a goal very very few of us were able to achieve), perhaps have it be five or even lower? Maybe four? That would be one review a week for that month.

    So either the amount of reviews would have to be dropped rather low, or else the review challenge gets a break in December. Either way, it's fine by me. Or we could even fudge up the schedule a bit and do the review challenge in January or in another month that was originally an "off" month.

    but I'm wondering how us members can get to know each other better through discussion threads. I would think having a general discussion about literature in general would help with community, or any other fun-filled thread with unicorns and fire-breathing binders.
    I was thinking of really general discussion threads so we could at least learn what the writing process is for other people, or other small things like that. Right now, I can't think of any, so if there's anyone with some ideas about discussion topics, I'd love to hear them.
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