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I'm just as mystified by some of the results as the rest of you; but we have to remember people put a lot of time and effort into their work. Regardless of whether or not you thought so and so did or didn't deserve to win and/or advance to the final round; to blatantly say as much seems a bit ungracious and outside the spirit of this competition. Wesley, Diego and Linkandzelda didn't solicit all these votes and your disappointment isn't their fault. People vote for what they like; and a popular, well-distributed and widely-played hack like Light Platinum will always have an edge. There will always be an element of popularity to contests like this; and people will always disagree over whether that popularity is deserved or not. But it just isn't fair to take it out on the hacks themselves or their creators.

Frankly, I didn't vote simply because in between my own projects and my IRL life, I didn't have much time to devote to playing very many hacks. But I would like to congratulate everyone who received even one vote - be proud of yourself As for the top three, I wish them all well - its amazing how far you've gotten, and good luck in the judging!
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