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Originally Posted by saad20006 View Post
Originally Posted by saad20006
hello darkrisinggirl,
please help me i don't no what i have to do after the snow badge in the pokemon dark rising 1 beta 1 i don't have TM : surf and i search for a solution everywher and in all cities
please answer me and thank you
PS: i like your hack pokemon version !
The cave that Kayo was standing in front of should be open now. You can go through it to reach a new path where you'll eventually come across evil Pete. tks but where's the cave that kayo was standing in front of it , i love your version of pokemon and i want to finish it soon
after getting the snow badge you can go trough the cave now, that cave is located at the west part of the snow gym.. that cave will bring you to numassity path hope it helps
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