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Pretty good, I like the design of the route. Although the size of the trees and how much space there is makes me feel a bit claustrophobic in a couple of areas. I think that may just be that weird illusion of height those trees have, though. The vegetation is really nice as well, not too overboard.

Not bad, I like the oasis area, but I agree with elarmasecreta about the south west corner.

Speaking of which, I really agree with you here.

Originally Posted by tImE
I actually liked the last one better. While it was kind of square, it isn't "bad square".
It was rather "official square".
It looked more like a real FRLG map then.

If you're going for an official look, I preferred the last one.

I really think people underrate the official maps. They aren't bad. Square isn't bad either. There's so many styles of mapping that it's difficult to say one is better than the other (although admittedly, some are just plain bad). And the notion that there's such things as a "perfect mapping style" are completely false. I think I need to do a couple of blog posts/tutorials/something about mapping styles one day.