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    If anymore detail is needed please tell me but I think its pretty good.

    FULL NAME: Shawn Richards
    DATE OF BIRTH: 9/21/96
    GENDER: Male
    APPEARANCE: a short little wimp no taller then 5'2'' with blonde hair in a bowler hair cut who wears glasses. His soft blue eyes give him the look of a coward but is really actually rather brave. He wears a black shirt with a white lab coat sort of thing over the shirt. His jeans are to short and have holes all in them from being beaten so much.
    USERNAME: TheDark1

    The first thing Shawn heard in the morning was a bang and then a pain in his chest. He had fallen out of bed. He got up to his nightstand and put on his glasses which he hated ever so much. The glasses just added on to his nerdy look. He checked the time at which point he realized he was late for school. Shawn took a quick shower and threw on just about the first things he saw. Skipping breakfast, Shawn darted to his bus stop where he so the last of the kids get on and the bus drove away only seconds after he got there.
    "So you missed it too huh." A familar voice called out to him.
    "Gus whats up? Any news on the game?"
    Shawn talked to his friend who was a fat little dude about 5'5'' and brown hair that look messed up.
    "Ya it's out!" Gus replyed.
    "You want to go and get it now seeing we missed the bus?"
    "Ya sure lets go!"
    Shawn started on the short walk it was to GameStop. The three blocks it was to get there though felt like hours as they had supported the CLOUD project since day one. They entered the small store filled to the roof with differnt video games. They walked up to counter and met the store clerk. They knew the man very well so well in fact he occasionlly gave them free games.
    "Hello Shawn. Hello Gus. How may I help you today?"
    "We would like two copys of CLOUD please." Shawn asked.
    "Ok let me see if we have anymore." The clerk said walking to the back of the room.
    Shawn's heart sank deep into his abdomine. How could they possibly be out at this time of day! Well it was day of release so maybe there wasn't anything to be worried about.
    The store clerk came back to tell them,
    "I only have one copy so I need to know who gets it."
    "Rock, Paper, Scissors." Shawn and Gus said in unison.
    "Best two of three." Gus told him.
    They hit there fists against there palms Gus chose paper, Shawn chose scissors.
    So far so good. Thought Shawn.
    Again for a second time this time Gus chose rock and Shawn chose scissors.
    Oh no This is it. He thought.
    Shawn was now shaking from anxiety this next move decided wheter he would get the game he had always supported.
    "Rock, Paper, Scissor, Shoot!" and with that Gus chose rock and Shawn chose paper.
    He did it. He actually was able to buy the game he wanted for so long!
    Trembling Shawn turned around to face the clerk who smiled and said
    "I have never seen a more intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors ever."
    He handed the game over to Shawn giggling as they left the store.
    "Good Luck!"
    The store clerk called to them as the doors closed behind them.
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