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B2W2 also had RSE easter eggs as well. PWT had its two opposing sides designated as red and blue. There was also that cave/mountain that Heatran is found in that was either watery or lava-y depending on which game you had. Pretty sure there's also explicit dialogue that talks about Hoenn somewhere in the games. Just to name a few.

However, despite this, there's no logical reason to do remakes when most of the Pokemon are readily found in one of the various DS games. DPPt had Gen III Pokemon and some new evos, but post game really had a bunch. Also had the Regis in Platinum. HGSS had pretty much all the other Legendaries from Gen III aside from Jirachi and Deoxys iirc. I KNOW it had the weather trio for sure, and I thiiiink it had the Latis as well? Idk. But it also had some Hoenn Pokemon I believe available in the wild after a certain point, didn't it? And you even got a Hoenn starter for beating Red from Steven himself. I'm hoping for Gen VI or BW sequel (I know, long shot. But Ghetsis still hasn't stopped trying. He just went insane. Also: original Dragon please BT)