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@Ozzy: I too love how Borderlands is a FPS with RPG elements, since I am not terribly good at shooters myself. Borderlands’s level system helps me out since I can grind my way until I can topple a boss, but I'm also provided a challenge when my level matches the enemy's levels. Unique skill trees and class mods are fantastic in use too. I depend a lot on Maya’s phaselock to stop annoying surveyor bots flying around me while healing the team with my Nurse mod and Harmony tree, for starters. I really miss playing as my Siren, which is my main character, at level 37.

I picked up Borderlands around the summertime (as per your suggestion, many thanks!). My mind was completely blown when Gearbox announced the sequel. I didn't have to wait the unbearable wait for a sequel like anyone who picked up BL1 on launch day. :D; Initially, I thought Gearbox made too many changes to the layout of the backpack and generation of loot, but I have come to accept and appreciate it all. Borderlands 2 is truly a game where I laugh at some funny lines every time and have a blast with friends. I dunno what you mean about you beating me. You do seem to push/drive me off the cliff a lot though, bb! Not sure about male siren, kiddo. :P

@Necrum: Gotta love the humor! I must admit, Salvador was my least favorite character in the beginning. I don’t quite like being in the opponent’s face, punching things or gunzerking things. It wasn’t my play style. I prefer keeping a medium distance from enemies. Then, I actually cleared the story with Salvador and I admit he is loads of fun. I have a class mod and relic that cuts the cooldown time, so I found myself gunzerking nearly ALL the time. Ammo is not an issue since he generates that. He is a good character overall!

@Tabor: The first game has its own charm, don’t worry! Haha, this is likely the only FPS series I will keep replaying after beating the story. The gun names and the adjectives are also very fun to read through if I had a decent collection to read through. I seem to hoard SMGs so much. Although I find sniper rifles to be so much fun, since one basically picks off enemies while safe from the danger, I’m not familiar with the Reaver’s Edge. I’ll have to check that out, thanks!

@Clay: I love being good at great games too since that rarely happens for me! Borderlands is fine to play as solo. You definitely have to be creative in fighting some of the huge post-game bosses by yourself. Being able to pause all of the action by bringing up your backpack is always nice, though!

The graphics are often not appreciated (at least, what I have read around suggested those sentiments). I like the graphics just fine. The graphics are not too cartoonish, but not too realistic. I get kinda scared when I play COD since I feel like I’m in the exploding helicopter or something, lmao.

I REALLY want to see a Borderlands 3. I can’t imagine what kind of classes Gearbox will add (or they can add them as DLC soon, fingers crossed). I really want to see an Eridian class… Or Gearbox can reveal Zero’s identity! You know you wanna see what’s under the mask. :] I just love Zero’s haikus and lines too, haha.

@Razor Leaf: YESSSSS also yay more love for Maya! I just love how varied the areas are in BL2 – iced over areas, jungles/highlands, volcano, city, that annoying caustic place with a buttload of varkid… The team massively improved the scenery from BL1. So you managed to not play the first one yet, huh… You can go without playing the first one for sure , but the story writers really wrapped up a lot of things from the first one. The fall of Atlas and the opening of the first vault led to the rise of Hyperion and the mass-colonization efforts.

Dude! Nice legendary shield. I picked up one legendary in my playthroughs so far, the Badaboom. This rocket launcher fires 6 rockets at the cost of 1 ammo. Pretty epic, right? Sadly, my Siren has outgrown that gun. I did receive a HellFire and Conference Call from a nice person, but I cannot use those guns until my Siren is level 50. What would I give for a level 8 legendary weapon, haha!

I gotta get to level 50... I stopped around Sanctuary on TVHM with Maya. I love getting guns from Michael Mamaril. I play the slots often too. I think I bum around Sanctuary wayyy too much. Hmm I guess getting to level 50 soon since Razor cannot be ahead of ME gives me something to do, but I love hearing what everyone else has to say too.
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