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So what did you think about Kanto in HG/SS?
I greatly enjoyed the remake of Kanto.
It was wonderful strolling through those timeless vistas, while retaining the joy of Generation III & IV Pokèmon.

Was it fun?
That entire section of the game, was one massive euphoric experience for me.
Nostalgia & enjoyment, all wrapped in one.

Did it last as long as you'd expect?
Surprisingly so, I sunk nearly 45 hours into Kanto, during SS.

What surprised you in Kanto?
How much "Follow Me", made it feel like I was playing Yellow with my little Pikachu again.

Did you like Johto better?
I have always adored Johto, & in this specific case, I preferred Kanto.

What did you like/dislike about Kanto?
The overall design was simply fantastic, & has no gaping flaws for me to speak of.

Important for 99.99% of these questions, is why? xD
Or maybe Johto was what you disliked/liked? If so, you could answer the questions and replace Kanto with Johto.
Any other stuff?

Frankly, I have absolutely no negative things to say about any aspect of HG/SS, & certainly none about Kanto!
It & Johto were done amazingly well, & every play-through is a joy for me.
As always, I would recommend that anyone & everyone try these near-perfect remakes.
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